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Relief Maps

Your guide through the mountains

Travel the mountains with confidence, with our reliable and easy-to-read 3D maps

Create your routes easily

In a few clicks, Relief Maps gives you an estimate of the distance, the difference in altitude and the time required to cover your route, ideal for hiking and trekking!

Discover over 1 million nearby routes

You will never run out of ideas with our database of over 1 million routes.

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Always safe with livetracking

Reassure your relatives, share your position in real time with them.

An application created in Annecy,France 🇫🇷

A word from Batiste, Relief Map's creator

A few years ago I was looking for a quick and easy to use app to go to the mountains, but I couldn't find anything that really suited me. That's how I started the Relief Maps project, the goal of the app: to provide a quality tool while remaining as easy to use as possible